DemoniaCult Rapture 1020STR-02 Boots

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DemoniaCult Black Faux Leather Rapture 1020STR-02 Boots. 

8" (200mm) Finger Bone Heel, 4" (100mm) Skull Sculpted Platform Lace-Up Front Ankle Boot Featuring Skulls Embossed Upper and Outside Zippered Pocket, Inside Metal Zip Closure.

Material and Design:

  • Colour: BlackMaterial: Faux Leather
  • Heel: 8 inch, 4 inch platform.
  • Zip: Inner Side
  • Style: Rapture
  • UK Postage: Free
  • EU: Duty Paid
  • Brand: DemoniaCult

DemoniaCult Rapture 1020STR-02 Boots

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