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Guilty Pleasure Yellow Datex Dress

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Guilty Pleasure Printed Yellow Datex Dress.

A real eye catcher, this printed Datex dress with a curly pattern in yellow! The elegant latex print allows to see through the transparent black fabric. The latex print under the breasts gives the impression of cups in the dress. The back panel is slightly longer than the front panel. There is also latex printed along the hem, along the sides and at the cleavage. The dress has no zippers or other closures, as the material is stretchy and flexible, easy to put on or take off and comfortable to wear. A sexy dress from the Guilty Pleasure Printed Datex collection, for women who love to stand out.
  • Printed Datex is a combination of natural rubber and elastic knitted fabric.
  • The latex is printed in sexy open patterns on a highly elastic knitted fabric.
  • Because of the flexibility and great extensibility this material does not crack and is very comfortable to wear.
  • Combinable with all GP fetish wear items for the most stunning outfits.


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