Hismith Premium Travel FuckMachine 2.0

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Hismith Premium Travel FuckMachine 2.0. 

The Hismith Pro Traveler Fuck Machine may be small in size, but its thrusting power is bigger than you could have ever imagined... This compact, travel-friendly fuck machine offers up to 9 different sex positions and 3 thrusting speeds: allowing you to fully customize the thrusting action to your naughty desires. The 0-90 degree angle adjustment enables further customization. The travel-sized fuck machine is compatible with all of Hismith’s KlicLok and Quick Air attachments and generates up to 5 centimetres of thrusting depth. Included in the set is a smooth silicone dildo attachment with a trendy purple colour. The compact sizing of the unit means you can take it everywhere, anytime - allowing for mind-blowing thrusting action on the go. This plug & play fuck machine also comes with a quality remote control, enabling hands-free fun. The base of the machine features a strong suction-cup, keeping it firmly in place when you enjoy its premium pleasure. If you want premium pounding and thrusting action that you can take with you, wherever the pleasurable adventure leads, this travel-friendly Hismith Pro Traveler Fuck Machine could be your perfect match! 

Extra This item can be controlled via smartphone. Package Includes: 1 X Pro Traveller | 1 X Silicone Dildo (15.25 cm) | 1 X Convert Adapter | 1 X Remote Controller (1 x AAA not included) | 1 X Power Supply | 1 X User Manual. Package come with a plain brown box, no sensitive words on the package.
Product dimension 35x 10.5 x 7.4 cm
Waterproof No
Bodysafe Yes
Material RVS, Plastic, Aluminium
Remote control Yes
Connects with smartphone Yes
Suction cup Yes

Hismith is a leading brand in high-quality adult toys, revolutionizing the market with its innovative, state-of-the-art products. The brand’s portfolio includes premium sex machines and accessories. Though Hismith’s products have a very luxurious look and feel, the pricing is surprisingly affordable. Making this brand an outstanding value-for-money choice to elevate your pleasure to the next level!