Mystim Magic Gloves Electro Conductive Gloves

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Mystim Magic Gloves Electro Conductive Gloves.

With the Mystim Magic Gloves – a pair of electro conductive gloves – you can stimulate yourself or your partner at any part of your or his/her body. One can either enjoy these delightful strokes for hours or quickly increase the intensity up to an intense pulsation. This starter package contains one pair of Mystim Magic Gloves, 5 pairs of powder-free gloves made of vinyl to be worn under the Magic Gloves in order to isolate the own hands from the stimulation current, as well as 1 pair of adaptors, suitable for 2 mm plugs. · Toy for stimulation current units · Electro conductive gloves for exciting massages · Suitable for all Mystim stimulators.